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M15 gear for mechanically driven odometer in VDO tachos

Product number: 2008
24,97 €
In the case of the odometer of the mechanical speedometer, this gear often breaks through radially with a fine hairline crack. It then no longer sits firmly on the shaft and pushes to the side.

Please count the number of teeth before you buy. Unfortunately, no information can be given about the number of teeth of all models. It can be between 10 and 25 (except 16,20,22,24), we have all variations in the program and usually online too.

The Gears are suitable for all mechanical VDO-tachos from various vehicle brands.

Note :
We also recommend replacing the roller wheel on the same shaft if you have already disassembled and opened the speedometer. Both gears are the typical weak points. If the wheel rotates on the shaft, it is already damaged.
There are 3 different thicknesses (3,2mm, 4,5mm, 6,4mm). Just measure the overall thickness of the gear and order the right one from the shop.

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